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How does Scorpio change when they’re in love?

To love or to be loved is a wonderful human emotion that we all want to feel. Someone you can always count on and have complete confidence in will provide you with support and reassurance that makes you feel safe and emotionally secure. Moreover, a constant romantic relationship holds you back and makes your life more interesting and colorful. Also, it’s very natural to change or gain new qualities as you enter a relationship. You don’t even know it, your personality and habits change, often making you a better person. Here’s how you change when it comes to love, according to your zodiac sign, Scorpio!

How does Scorpio change when they're in love?

“Scorpio pursues love with intensity and drive,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan says. “There needs to be a deep, emotional, and magnetic connection for them to fall in love. But once they get there, Scorpio, being a fixed water sign, tends to stay in love and in partnership connections for a long time. 

This is especially so when they feel they are in a twin flame or soulmate scenario. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, so they will fight to keep the love alive, and the relationship is going. This is not a sign that gives up on love.”

You can be hotter and colder than most, Scorpio. Your lover is either vying for your constant attention or you are in a committed relationship. What is certain is that you must battle intimacy every step of the way. You don’t like to feel vulnerable and you certainly don’t trust people. 

In fact, you may have ended an unwanted relationship for this reason. But it’s amazing how you can become an open book when you’re really in love.

Long distance love makes you more vulnerable. You stop making excuses to push them away and really want to be as close to them as you can. Your last act of love is to allow someone else to participate. 

How does Scorpio change when they're in love?

You know you’re in love when you trust them, even sharing feelings that would otherwise make you hard on the inside. It is not easy to know you, you are secret, your inner workings are forever a mystery, but love opens up to you in a wonderful way. You stop closing yourself to protect your heart.

You stop being bitter and retaliate when you feel hurt, know that retaliation is immature and don’t feel the need to punish or get back at them. 

Instead of being passive aggressive or vengeful, you express your pain and anger. You stop thinking that expression is a sign of weakness.

You learn to stop being tough and uncompromising, not just with your partner, but with yourself. 

You accept that mistakes are just a part of life and you grow with dignity from them, rather than punishing yourself or others.