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his weekend, Ukrainians destroyed two Ka-52 helicopters and TOR Anti-Air System

On August 13-14, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two Russian Ka-52 helicopters.

“The units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Khortytsia operational-strategic group perform their duties diligently even on weekends. As a result, two Ka-52 fire support helicopters were destroyed on Saturday and Sunday,” the Joint Forces Task Force posted on Facebook.

Referring to the latest update, the report says that, besides the three tanks and a TOR, the Marines also hit eight armored combat vehicles (BMPs, APCs), seven self-propelled guns, seven towed artillery units, three MLR systems, six mortars, and 11 military trucks.

August 6 through August 12, Ukrainian Navy’s Marine Forces killed 230 Russian troops and destroyed three enemy tanks and a TOR anti-aircraft missile system.

Three control and command posts and observation posts were also destroyed, as well as four fuel depots and an ammo depot.

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 43,550 Russian invaders from February 24 to August 14.