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HIMARS take revenge from Russıan anti-air unit after they downed Bayraktar

According to the South Operational Command, Russia’s combat losses have been as follows over the past day: 36 troops, two Pantsit-S1 self-propelled missile systems, three strategic and operations control vehicles, one Podlet radar station, 11 armored and motor vehicles.

In addition, two ammunition depots were confirmed to have been destroyed in the occupied areas of Mykolaiv Region.

Currently, two enemy missile ships, carrying 16 Kalibr cruise missiles, and three large landing crafts are remaining in the Black Sea. The threat of missile strikes is persisting. The mine threat is heightened in the coastal areas.

On July 17, 2022, the Ukrainian military eliminated 36 Russian occupiers, as well as destroyed their military equipment and two ammunition depots within the temporarily occupied areas of Mykolaiv Region.

“Twice the enemy attempted to launch an air strike on the areas liberated in the north of Kherson Region. Having attacked our positions, the enemy immediately retreated under the pressure of counterfire,” the report states.

“I maintain a dialogue with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. Traditionally, I informed my American counterpart about the operational situation. We managed to stabilize the situation. It is complex, intense, but completely controlled. An important factor contributing to our retention of defensive lines and positions is the timely arrival of M142 HIMARS, which deliver surgical strikes on enemy control posts, ammunition and fuel storage depots,” Zaluzhny said.