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Finally: NATO’s Deadliest Self-Propelled Artillery Arrives in Ukraine.

With the Russian and Ukrainian war continuing to inflict damage to each other and as more people continue to suffer, the question now becomes how long will this conflict last and who will win out in the end? While Ukraine alone may not be powerful enough to deter Russian forces, allied countries under NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) are more than willing to help Ukraine by providing weaponry and other military aid. There recently has been rumors about Ukraine gaining a very strong weapon, the ARCHER Artillery System, under their arsenal care of Sweden, but is this any true? What makes this rumored weapon the talk of the town in the military industry right now? In today’s video, we’ll take a closer look at the ARCHER Artillery System, why many would want Ukraine to have it, and what all of its specifications and futures are. If you enjoy content like these, go ahead and like and subscribe to this video, as I appreciate all of your support! Now let’s get started.