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German Panzerhaubitze 2000 Howitzers Will Help Ukraine to DEFEAT Russia!



We all know about the Russia Ukraine war going on.
And amidst this war, Russia has continued its invasion in Ukraine.
But did you know that with the alliance of Germany, Ukraine is on the verge of turning the tables of the war with a special artillery piece?

Traditionally, the Russian army was characterized as an artillery division with a lot of tanks. Ground troops are primarily utilizing tactical and operational indirect fire systems to counter an opponent’s forces because much of the Russian way of warfare depends on this capability.
Specifically, Russia’s ability to locate and target Ukraine’s forces, along with Ukraine’s ability to conduct counter battery fire missions, will likely play a decisive role in the outcome of any conflict between the two states.

While the UAF makes efforts to improve capabilities in this area, they are likely to be unable to effectively cover the entire area of operations in a conflict, since they do not possess the radars and other detection systems to do so. Furthermore, in past engagements, Russian forces have displayed the ability to jam or spoof radars with limited electronic warfare capabilities.