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20 interesting facts about Cancer zodiac sign couldn’t be more true

Cancer begins on June 21 and ends on July 22. They are loyal, moody, creative, and insecure,…what else? Here are 20 interesting facts about the Cancer Zodiac.They’re everything you ever wanted to know about Cancer’s personality, and exactly how male and female Cancer is!

1. Cancer is the moodiest zodiac sign

Just like the different phases of the Moon, the personalities of Cancerians also change. You never know exactly what you will get from day to day because they are always in different moods.

2. They are not good at sharing their feelings

Although they are always willing to listen to others and offer advice, they are not good at sharing their feelings and talking about their problems. They are not reserved, but they do not want to bother others about their predicament.

3. Cancers have a lot of defenses

Like the crabs that represent them, Cancers have a tough exterior that they use to protect their soft, mushy interior. More than anything, Cancers fear being hurt by those they love, which means they build defenses to protect themselves and hide from others.

It is remarkable that they can do this without becoming shy or withdrawn. They may be the most extroverted people on earth, but those defenses will still be there.

4. Cancers crave attention (on their terms)

Contrary to what it seems on the previous point, Cancers love to be the center of attention and hang out with their friends. However, there is a word of warning. People with cancer almost always prefer small reunions with close friends to large parties, and they only really enjoy attention when it suits their condition.

5. They are great with money

20 interesting facts about Cancer zodiac sign couldn't be more true

Cancer always has a plan for the future. Partly because it’s fun, partly because they want to go there as prepared as possible. As a result, Cancerians tend to be very practical and careful with their mornings, planning for retirement, rainy day fund and overall financial situation.

6. Cancer is great in business

Cancers are responsible, intuitive and creative, often to great effect in terms of their profession.Their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can quickly attract the attention of their superiors, and it’s not uncommon for Cancerians to want to be their own boss sooner rather than later.

7. They have a great memory

And they’re not afraid to use it against you, giving arguments and past mistakes you’ve made to back up their claims. Try not to argue with Cancer. It is your own peace of mind.

8. They suck at saying no

Cancer is pretty bad at saying no, especially when it comes to the people they love. Unfortunately, this means that people often take advantage of their gentle personality, which only reinforces Cancer’s need to shield and protect themselves.

9. Once you have their bad side, you won’t be able to go back

It takes a lot of time to push Cancer to this extreme, but once you anger Cancer hard enough, you can be sure that you have become a lifelong enemy.

10. When they get mad, they disappear

20 interesting facts about Cancer zodiac sign couldn't be more true

When they’re angry with someone, Cancers tend to distance themselves from the situation, choosing to vent and stay private until they’ve gathered mental clarity and feel ready to face the world again.

This avoidance can feel childish and immature, but it’s actually a great way to avoid even worse confrontations. While other signs are explosive, Cancer remains calm and can reach a resolution much quicker.

11. Their intuition is unmatched

Cancer has a highly developed intuition and can often read people and situations much better than other signs. This makes Cancerians considered paranoid, but are they really paranoid?

12. They are jealous lovers

There are exceptions, of course, but in general, Cancers tend to be very jealous lovers and need reassurance to be comfortable in a relationship. They want to know that they’re important to you, so hand-to-hand relationships don’t work for this sign.

13. They hate criticism

People with cancer often struggle to receive criticism, mostly if it’s unsolicited. They tend to take things personally, and even constructive criticism can feel like an attack on them. Unsolicited advice is best ignored, even interpreted as an attack.

14. They make for fantastic life-long friends

Friendship with Cancer can last a lifetime thanks in no small part to this sign’s loyalty and devotion. Cancers can make you feel good about yourself and always make you feel wanted, which means they rarely harm friends.

15. Cancer is very contradictory

20 interesting facts about Cancer zodiac sign couldn't be more true

While conflicts are often associated with Gemini, the truth is that Cancer can be just as confusing. They are complex, fragile, and no one really understands them but themselves, which makes trying to understand them a challenging but rewarding experience.

16. They are easily stressed

Cancer are very susceptible to stress and as a result, they often experience stress-related health problems. Cancer needs a hobby of relaxation and regular exercise to get rid of all that harmful stress.

17. Cancerians are always close to their parents, especially their Moms

Cancer people remain close to their parents throughout life, and are especially close with their mothers. Cancers are connected to the Moon, and that is all about feminine “Mother” energy. Cancer people’s mothers usually have a hard time letting them go.

18. Cancers make the best chefs

These guys make up some of the greatest chefs and chefs in the world! Cancer rules the 4th house of the Zodiac, the kitchen. The Cancer zodiac sign is very connected to food, and often enjoys cooking and experimenting with food!

19. Cancer has amazing empathy for others

Cancer people can really feel what other people are going through because they are very sensitive. They have incredible empathy for others and are great advisors

20. Cancer can be very generous

20 interesting facts about Cancer zodiac sign couldn't be more true

Cancer can be extremely giving and generous when they want to. They are even very generous with their money and will often give friends in trouble without thinking twice. However, that does not mean that you will easily borrow everything from them. Rather, they are selectively generous!